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Messages sent to Mary for the Divine Preparation of Hearts (Spain)

Message No. 597

June 23, 2014 – You will not recognize the chip!

Mother of God: My child. My dear child. The things We showed you today (during the night and the morning hours) are spreading in your world, and you must counter them!

My children. The devil and his followers are not merely planning your poisoning with vaccines and the implantation of the chip, but will plant it, masked and disguised in a (special) vaccine, because so many of you have spoken out against the ID chip. Be warned, My children, because you will not recognize the chip inside the vaccine, and the analysis of the vaccine will be "clean". This will not only be claimed by the "devil's circle" but also by independent chemists who are not part of the elite. Thus, My beloved children, this vaccine, as soon as it is recognized as "harmless, with no adverse health effects" and an "effective protection against particular diseases", will slowly poison and destroy you, and since the pharmaceutical industry will be singing the praises of this remedy, nobody will want to or be able to help you.

My children. Do not accept either the new vaccines or the chip of the beast, as they will only bring you death. You will be susceptible to manipulation, they will steer your feelings and emotions, you will become transparent, and they will be able to locate you anywhere! It is the sign of the beast, and you will be lost to the beast, because whoever wears its number will go down in ashes and embers, and will be thrown into the cauldron of fire.

My children. Be watchful and do not accept the so highly praised, harmless sounding and "helping" remedies and things of the new age, as they only serve the devil to reach his goals, and will not protect you! So be warned and listen to My words in these and other messages.

With deepest love, your Mother in Heaven. Mother of all children of God and Mother of Salvation.

Jesus and God, the Father: My Mother speaks words of Truth. Time is nearing its end, and the devil is now working on reaching his goals on all levels. Be warned and remain faithful to Me, and you will not be lost. Do not under any circumstance accept the sign of the devil, because with this sign – if you wear it – you will surely perish.

Your loving Jesus and God, the Father, the Almighty Creator. Amen.


Message No. 621

July 16, 2014 – Do not accept the sign of the evil one, as it will be your destruction!

God, the Father: My child. My dear child. There you are. Write, My daughter, and listen what I, your oh so deeply loving Father, have to tell the children of the world today:

The light of your world is fading away, but you do not realize it. You are being enslaved, and you must wear the sign of the devil, but that will be your destruction! Do not accept the sign of the devil, as it will be your destruction!

Remain faithful to My Son and defend him, and I, your almighty Father, will take care of you, and you will not have to live as slaves of the devil's elite! Believe My word and trust in the help of Jesus, My Holy One, who loves you so immensely, as all faithful children will be taken care of!

Believe and trust and do not accept the sign, as he who wears the sign of the evil one will not be able to go with My Son. Instead, he will suffer agony and languish in misery, because the evil one will manipulate him for his purposes. He will subject him to experiments and will influence him by means of radiation and sounds which are hardly noticeable to the human ear. You will no longer have control over yourselves! Your feelings will get out of hand! Diseases will spread, and you will most likely notice it affecting your nerves, your concentration, and your common sense!

The sign of the evil one, the chip of the elite, will turn you into crippled, lobotomized slaves, and you cannot be healed as long as you wear the sign of the evil one within you. Be warned, My children, as it – the chip – will be hidden in vaccines! The devil does not sleep and is crafty, so do not trust in the highly praised medicines of the new age, as they will bring you death and not the salvation you are looking for!

Only My Son will still be able to give you salvation, while the elite is already working on removing anything truly effective from the market. Only the modern miracle remedies will remain available to you, but they will result in your slow death and – worse yet – an eternity in damnation for you, if you have the sign of the beast implanted.

My children, I, your Almighty Father in Heaven, Creator of you and all existence, am warning you: do not accept these innovations! Reject the chip of the beast! Reject the highly praised modern vaccines! Reject everything which is not from Me and My Son, as the devil has infiltrated everything and is trying to control you, manipulate you, diminish you through money (means of payment), medicine (vaccines), and new age technology!

Never trust in humans, but only in My Son! He will let you make the right decision, He will bring you together with like-minded people, He will help you with everything you need to live. Thus do not accept any of the new age technology and wholly trust in My Son! I, your loving Father in Heaven, am asking you to do this. Amen.

The Holy Angels of the Father: Do not accept the sign of the evil one as it will be your destruction. Trust wholly in Jesus, as he will guide you through the Last Days. Pray, My children, as prayer wards off many bad things. So trust completely in Jesus and become one with Him. The Holy Angels of the Father. Amen.

Mother of God: My child. My dear child. If you only knew of all the evil which they currently try to implement, those who are not in faith would give up in resignation, but those of you who trust in Jesus would pray day and night.

This is why We ask you to pray with your guardian angel at night, because when you fall asleep, He will continue to pray with your soul. So ask him, so that the prayer never ceases. Thank you, My children. With deepest love, your Mother in Heaven. Amen.

The Angel of the Lord: Listen to the Heavenly words, because they will be your salvation! Only those who follow the Holy Word will be saved. So pray now, My children, and ask your guardian angel to help you. Do not interrupt the prayer – it will bring you much salvation. I, the Angel of the Lord, am telling you this. Amen.